A Benefit of a European Super League for Americans

The discussion of a European Super League has been raised several times in the media the past week after newspapers reported of a secret meeting in Europe among some of the top clubs from back in February.

But consider this for a moment: Imagine if Champions League matches were played on a Saturday or Sunday. How would that enhance your weekends?

While watching a double-bill of Roma against Manchester United, and Chelsea versus Valencia is quite exciting, it’s often difficult for many Americans who work 9 to 5, then go home and try to squeeze in four consecutive hours of football comprised of those two taped matches.

How many of you fast forward through the matches? How many of you watch them the following day? How many of you simply don’t have time to watch both of them?

For all of the pros and cons of a European Super League, having the matches played on a weekend would garner a larger worldwide TV audience and, selfishly, make it easier for most Americans to watch the matches. But at what cost? No domestic league football.

In other news:

  • The EPL Talk Podcast interview with Oliver Tse has been postponed and will be published this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

6 thoughts on “A Benefit of a European Super League for Americans”

  1. if champions league matches were to be played on weekends as well as the premier league matches, then wouldn’t the fixtures be just as congested as ever?

    a team can’t be playing both league matches at one go right?

  2. How are you getting on in America with watching the CL QFs back-to-back without being ‘informed’ of the score in the other match?

    I was watching the Chelsea v Valencia tie but again ITV (namely Alan Parry) kept supplying ‘helpful’ updates like the Scholes sending off early on. I had to mute him for the 2nd half so I’d not have the other match ruined.

    When are they going to learn?


  3. never going to happen I’m afraid – however great it would be for the US armchair fan – no one watches tv on the weekends unless there is a special event e.g. the FA Cup Final.

    My balls will be perfectly round before this happens.

  4. Any team that joins a “Super League” will receive no support from me…the reason I am attracted to teams in Europe is the history & cup competitions they are involved in and yet these large teams seem to think that they can exist out of what made them so great in the first place. You would see a league like this successful for a few years but then people would get tired…sorry, I rather watch the Championship then a football version of the US NFL.

  5. I absolutely agree with Corey. I watch professional soccer in Spain and England because I’ve live in Europe, love the games and rivalries, love the tension of relegation, and WANT something different from drab (my view) US leagues like the NFL. No to any SuperLeague.


  6. YES to a Superleague. Half the teams in domestic leagues don't belong there. This is the next step in football's evolution.

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