English Premier League Theme Song/Anthem


If you’ve been searching for the Premier League anthem by DJ Judge Jules in MP3 format, I’ve found them courtesy of EPL Talk. You can choose between:> English Premier League theme> Premier League Dance Remix (Long version)> Premier League Dance Remix (Short version)While you’re playing those familiar tunes, be sure to check out the rest of the EPL Talk site where we have podcasts, blogs, magazines, newsletters, message boards and much more to entertain fans of Premiership clubs.To read the story behind the making of the Premier League anthem, go here.

28 thoughts on “English Premier League Theme Song/Anthem”

  1. Hats off to the composer … love listening to this and it brings shivers down my spine!

    Go EPL, best league ever!

  2. Not sure. There ought to be a way to do a right click (or similar way on a Mac) to download it to your desktop.

    The Gaffer

  3. How about giving credit where credits due?

    I capped this music, and I can even tell you which match the long version of the dance remix its from.

    I went to the trouble of getting this music, capping it, making it an MP3, DID NOT put it on EPL Talk, and yet you claim its yours?

  4. does anyone know the song that is played on FSC before EPL games, and not the review show. Like when Christian Miles or another hosts gives recent results and introduces the match-up about to take place? It has a sick guitar sound and there is a tiny different version before FA Cup matches. But if anyone knows the title/artist or how to get it that’d be great. Thanks!

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