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Rob Stone…………aggggh

Carlos Ruiz playing at home @ Pizza Hut Park. A nice storyline as ESPN shamelessly promotes its MLS package.

Glad to see Frankie Simek and Jay DeMerit getting the start. Hopefully they will get a good look in this match.

Kasey Keller gets the start. Keller stated in an interview the other day that he really believes he can make the World Cup Team at 2010 when he is 40. Keep in mind he was the third keeper for the US in 1990 World Cup when he was 20!

Nice to see the blue tops again for the US.

What Eddie Johnson has done to earn another start is beyond me.

Another miss for Eddie. Good god. He’s our Wayne Rooney and much like Rooney is working on a multi year scoreless streak for the national team.

Look at the nice run forward by Jonathan Spector! By the way I forgot to mention Heath Pearce who should be a future starter on the back line was scratched from the lineup tonight.

Eric Wynalda just called this a “difficult game for the US.” Wynalda has become a US Soccer company man, to quote one of our contributors to this website!

The pace of this game makes me think I am watching the three lions of England, not the quick one touch passing game we saw the US play on Sunday.

Horrible free kick by Landon Donovan. Just awful. Thankfully for the LA Galaxy fans, David Beckham is on the way!

We already had two goals and several other chances between the two teams on Sunday. This game will probably net only one goal if this pace and sloppiness continues, but keep in mind in each of Bob Bradley’s three matches in charge the US has gotten better as the game went on.


Eddie Johnson has no confidence and is completely useless to this national team right now.

Let me amend that statement. Eddie Johnson is totally useless to his club team right now as well. MLS must be kicking themselves for not taking Benfica’s offer when they had the chance.

I know all week people have been saying Donovan should play up front, but today playing forward he is seeing far less of the ball then he did when playing midfield in the first 60 minutes on Sunday.

Clint Dempsey’s first touch comes in the 26th minute. In other words we aren’t getting the ball wide at all.

Taylor Twellman was also scratched for tonight according to Rob Stone. Our forwards are a mess which is why Kenny Cooper needs to be given a serious look tonight and this summer.

Nice shot for DeMerit on Ruiz! That’s sending a message. Speaking of Ruiz, I really like FC Dallas’ chances this season in MLS.

A foolish frustration foul for Dempsey on Ruiz. A bad miss for Dempsey a minute ago.

Dempsey failed to read Johnson there. Bad news from both.

I certainly hope this isn’t an indication of how we will look against Guatemala in the Gold Cup.

The referee has lost control of this game.

So close for Carlos Ruiz!!!!! Boy Conrad got lost on that one.

A very poor first half for the United States.


Mapp needs to learn to pass the ball!

Johnson again misses a chance.

The early minutes of the 2nd half have been even worse for us. We aren’t getting the ball wide at all and out players are not patient enough.

Ruiz almost caught Keller napping there!

I think we need a big dose of Kenny Cooper soon.

Just as I say that……..he takes his warmups off!

Cooper for Feilhaber, 59th minute

Interesting to note that both starting forwards for FC Dallas who play in this stadium are on the pitch now. Ruiz for Guatemala and Cooper for the US.

Bad mishit by Spector.


Coach Bradley is giving Dempsey and earful. Hopefully Dempsey’s night will soon end.

Mullan for Johnson in minute 65. Another scoreless night for Eddie Johnson. That’s 13 games straight he has not scored for the US, after scoring 9 times in his first 12 caps.

In minute 73, the US still looks anemic and incapable of sustaining an attack.

Nice run by Simek to set up the best attack all night for the US.

In minute 80 this match continues to be painful to watch.

Whoa……thank goodness, Ruiz offsides by a step.

Poor corner by Donovan.

Dempsey is looking more dangerous now, getting forward but still not getting wide enough.

For the third time, Justin Mapp needs to learn when to pass the ball!

A poor performance……a sorry night and a serious reality check after the great performance in Tampa on Sunday.


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