Whatever Happened to Kevin Keegan?

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For those of you wondering whatever happened to Kevin Keegan, read this article from The Independent which reveals Mighty Mouse’s latest adventure.

It’s a pretty frank discussion with the former Manchester City boss. No matter how bad things were at the City of Manchester with Keegan in charge, I wonder who City fans would pick if they had a choice between Keegan and Stuart Pearce?

After all, even though Keegan’s record as a manager at City was poor, the performances his side put in were far more entertaining than Pearce’s current side who have been stinking up the league this season.

Reading the article, it sounds like Keegan has soured on the role of being a manager. Understandbly so. After all, who would ever want the pressures of the England job with a team of underperforming superstars?

One thought on “Whatever Happened to Kevin Keegan?”

  1. Gaffer…..I’m sure you know 99.5% of citeh fans like myself would go with Keagan. Boy, do I miss him! Still I want to give Pearce the season to right the ship.

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