Fox Soccer Channel Wants Ant & Dec To Host Show

In today’s Sunday Express newspaper from England, it’s reported that Fox Soccer Channel is in talks with British entertainers Ant & Dec about co-hosting a once or twice weekly show.

Ant & Dec, who are very popular in the UK after hosting a string of children’s TV shows as well as the big hit “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here,” would host a show on Fox to coincide with the arrival of Beckham at the LA Galaxy, the newspaper reports.

If signed, it would be a massive coup for Fox Soccer Channel in terms of PR and capturing the soccer mom and teenage girl market. For die-hard soccer fans, though, it may be less of a hit as the baby-faced hosts could turn viewers off. Of course, it all depends how the show is created and who the actual target audience is.

Ant & Dec, both Geordies, are big soccer fans and were spotted by TV cameras just a few weeks ago sitting in the crowd at Craven Cottage in a match that was aired worldwide, including in the U.S. market.

3 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Wants Ant & Dec To Host Show”

  1. You know, this may sound strange coming from me, but it may work. I have a teenage daughter and I think she will be into it. For FSC it is a breath of fresh air.

    A creative program from them for once.

  2. Tyler – it’s not the picture.

    I can’t see this taking off in a big way; Ant & Dec are too obscure and probably too “English” for them to resonate with Americans.

    Personally I think FSC needs to introduce some smarter content rather than continue this dumbing down trend.

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