Premier League's Marketing Needs To Improve

A couple of weeks ago in the EPL Talk Email Newsletter, I wrote about how advanced the Bundesliga was in comparison to the FA Premier League when it comes to marketing itself.

The Bundesliga web site is far superior to the Premiership one. The German league handles all of the TV broadcasts for all of the Bundesliga matches to maintain consistency and a high standard, and the German league announced a deal with Major League Soccer recently to share best practices.

Compare that to the FA Premier League, and the Premiership seems practically invisible in comparison. It’s the Premiership clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal who are making all of the moves in America.

Now the Bundesliga has published its own email newsletter to promote the league (pictured above). The Premier League offers nothing.

There is hope in the near future as the Prenuer League is planning on relaunching their web site later this year hopefully in time for the 2007/2008 Premiership season. In the meantime, the FA Premier League should consider taking a lesson or two from the Bundesliga.

2 thoughts on “Premier League's Marketing Needs To Improve”

  1. I’m convinced that the EPL doesn’t want my business. So many of their online shops charge 20, 30 pounds to ship their kits to the United States. Ridiculous. If the prices came down to earth, I know tons of people who’d be nabbing EPL gear left and right. It’s an absolute crime.

    Who’s handling this marketing disaster? It’s the only reason I’m not wearing a Charlton, Portsmouth or Sheff United away kit right now. I realize we have, but they don’t carry everything. Can’t the EPL get their act together? The more people wearing their kits, the more visibility they (and their sponsors)have in the States. I know a BUNCH of people who are frustrated like I am.

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