Arsenal White Away Shirt, 2007/2008

Arsenal is rumored to be playing in a white away jersey for the 2007/2008 season. For the Gunners, it’ll be quite a departure from their usual smorgasbord of away colors.

Pictured right is reportedly one of the concepts that Arsenal is considering. There’s no guarantee that Arsenal will select this design as their new away shirt, but it does raise an interesting point: If Arsenal does select a white shirt, what will Gunners fans think about wearing the same color as their arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur?

Click the image for a larger view of the new away shirt concept.

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22 thoughts on “Arsenal White Away Shirt, 2007/2008”

  1. Arsenal won’t play in white. It’s too similar to their current strip. Opponents could get just as confused by a red shirt with white sleeves and white shorts, as a white shirt with red sleeves and red shorts.

    I reckon they’ll go for the blue again.

  2. Absolute rubbish how can Arsenal play in an away kit that will still clash with the red and white of man united, boro, charlton etc?!?… The answer? They can’t!!!

  3. a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…… back early – mid 60’s afc played white away strip.
    yellow & blue was the traditional fa cup away colours.
    those were the days…1-0 to the arsenal…jumpers for goalposts…..

  4. Actually dont mind that, the kit can be white if it is at least 40% red as well, and this is.

    But, if we are having a white away shirt, Id want a yellow third kit as well.

    Id buy this.

  5. i like the yellow kit maybe a bit more than the red home kit so i think we should keep it. this isn’t as bad as i thought a white one would be! nevertheless, yellow or an nice blue please.

  6. I like it, but it’s true that it would clash with teams in red when we play away. Just a money making scam like usual.

  7. there’s no point in moaning i guess,nike are gonna do whatever they want.
    but if you ask me,its not so bad,but as they said here before,it would confuse the hell out of me in games against ‘red’ teams,just think..arsenal vs.sheffield or sunderland or southampton,it looks almost the same.

  8. Really don’t mind whether it’s white or not, but having red sleeves will make it indistinguishable from the home kit on the pitch where you have to see the difference immediately and from a distance.

  9. You guys do realize that this is just some made up design by a member of one of the Arsenal message boards, right?

  10. thank you Anon from 5:22

    a poster on Big Soccer made this to see what it would look like, that was it.

    behold the power of the internet

  11. I’ve seen the “blue/black monstrosity” in PERSON, and it’s actually not bad at all. The online photos circling ebay, etc… make the colors look VERY dark. They’re much lighter, it’s difficult to tell there is a split from 100 feet away. If you imagine Van Der Sar or Lehmann’s green half/half keeper jerseys with blue, you’ve got the idea.

  12. I like it as a kit on its own but it is too similar to Arsenal’s home kit and the kits of many other premiership teams such as boro and sheffield united.

  13. i think that the shirt looks good, arsenal have one of the nicest home kits in the premiership and i think that the away kit represents that class that arsenal has aswell!!

  14. yea i do agree that a white shirt will b bad cos of the spurs argument n so many teams play in white whether it b home or away so it wud b a little boring. but the pictures that were shown at the bottom frm that guy actually dnt look that bad, a bit of red current in it but mostly white, from a 1st glance it didnt look 2 bad

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