New Newcastle United 2007/2008 Shirt

Newcastle United may not be masters of football on the pitch this season, but Adidas and their marketing team definitely know how to sell football shirts.

In a unique idea, Newcastle unveiled their 2007-2008 home kit this week on their web site. Each day this week they revealed a little more of the image of Michael Owen so that by Friday, you were able to see the entire image.

Interestingly, Adidas has incorporated a blue trim to the collar of the famous black and white shirt of Newcastle. While the amount of blue is minimal, expect some Toon fans to be upset.
The Newcastle United web site is at

Click the image for a close-up view of the new kit.
If you’re a Newcastle United fan and you want to hear some great Toon content, listen to this podcast episode where we interview former Newcastle United great Ray Hudson who went on to play in the NASL.

8 thoughts on “New Newcastle United 2007/2008 Shirt”

  1. Well to be fair we’ve had blue as a trim colour on strips before this one, so I wouldn’t expect much negative reaction. Now if it was red . . . .

  2. yeah, blue trim has been used before. if only we could bring the blue star of newcastle breweries as the sponsor!

    it’s looking very black-dominated at the moment, just one thick white stripe in the middle?

  3. new uniforms are cool, but does anyone else resent how new kits come out so often?? clubs know if you’re a loyal fan, you’ll probably buy the new kit…that’s good business i guess. on the other hand, the clubs are certainly taking advantage of the fans’ loyalty.

  4. as mentioned by others, adidas has used some blue in previous Newcaslte kits (I think it was one of the first after they changed to adidas).

    The thing that is most interesting about the release is the timing, typically clubs wait until the summer before starting to introduce the new kits. I wonder what motivated the early timing?

  5. well… it’s a nice enough marketing idea idea i guess, but still.. it’s newcastle, and it’s going to be some form of black and white stripes.

  6. b.cheng – the last couple of kits have been released before the end of the season. teams get special permission to wear them in the final game as a ‘preview’. dumb idea if you ask me, but nevermind.

    anon – home kits are changed every 2 seasons. the change kits change every year, which is definitely too frequent in my opinion. but people still buy them, so they keep doing it….

  7. That is one horrible shirt! We might as well keep the current one ‘cus this one looks discusting! What’s with the amount of black on the shirt?!… and little less blue?


  8. at first i saw this kit i thought this is one shite kit till i saw the kit on the players im not impressed by the premiership new lettering should of stuck with classical lettering looks revolutionary in my opinion i want to see the man utd kit good as this.

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