Dickov's Return Will Bolster Manchester City

I had the good fortune of a candid interview yesterday with Manchester City legend Ian Bishop (most famous for his goal in Man City’s 5-1 victory over Man United in 1989).

One of the topics we discussed was Man City’s current predicament. Bishop believes that the side is missing an enforcer in the side right now, someone who can take charge, ruffle the other team’s feathers and give 100% of their grit and determination. That person is Paul Dickov.

Of course, Man City plays a crucial match against Chelsea today at the City of Manchester Stadium. No one is believing that City can even get a point or more from this match, so the pressure is definitely on Chelsea to narrow their gap with Man United from nine points to six.

Today, we’ll see what City is made of. Many teams play better when they’re facing top opposition (take Fulham, for example, against Man United at Craven Cottage). So today’s match will tell us a lot about what’s left in City and whether they have the fighting spirit to avoid relegation this season.

Bishop revealed that he spoke with Dickov yesterday, and the good news for City fans is that Dickov will be returning from injury very shortly. He may even play against Chelsea. Dickov is the type of player that Man City needs right now. He’s the type of player the fans need, too. Bishop commented that the Man City fans need to see players giving it their upmost and giving everything for the badge of City.

For City fans, all they want to see is their team trying to win and giving it 100%. If they can see that, and they still lose, at least they know that City gave it their all.

The City against Chelsea match will be shown live on Fox Soccer Channel today in America at 4pm ET. The entire interview with Ian Bishop will be published this Sunday, March 18 on the EPL Talk Podcast.


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