Sports Media Company To Buy GolTV For $200M

SCP Worldwide, a company owned by MLS team Real Salt Lake, has agreed in principle to buy GolTV for $200 million according to the Sports Business Journal.

The deal hasn’t been approved yet as executives within some of Major League Soccer’s broadcasters may complain because they find it inappropriate for MLS owner Dave Checketts to buy a network that competes against MLS media partners.

GolTV currently shows Liverpool TV and Arsenal TV programs. and also carries the German, Spanish and Italian leagues.

In the following article, it mentions that SCP Worldwide has purchased the TV rights in North America for the 2010 World Cup qualifying matches involving the teams from the South American Football Federation.

If the $200 million deal goes through, I wonder how GolTV will change – if any. And if it does change, whether SCP Worldwide knows what they’re doing. It should be some interesting weeks to come in the world of football on TV in America.

2 thoughts on “Sports Media Company To Buy GolTV For $200M”

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  2. Will GOLTV stay in Miami?

    The most important thing from my perspective is that Ray Hudson, the best commentator in American Soccer circles and Lindsay Dean who is perhaps the most objective get a bigger platform to discuss American soccer. ESPN has filled their MLS and US Soccer telecasts with former players and other yes men who lack the objectivity or the flair of the GOL TV commentators. Since most of my friends around the country do not get GOL TV they are stuck with lousy commentators and a lack of objectivity or perspective on all things related to US Soccer.

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