Reflections On Classic West Ham v Spurs Match

What more can be said about the West Ham against Spurs match that hasn’t already been said or written? Here are a few of my reflections about the match:

  • Martin Tyler may have the most recognizable voice of Premiership commentators, but I thought the duo of Alan Parry and Robbie Earle were riveting to listen to in this London derby. This was the type of match that is a commentator’s wet dream, but Parry and Earle added to the spectacle with their sharp insight. My only criticism was when West Ham scored to make it 3-2, Parry mentioned something along the lines of “this is it” — i.e. the match was essentially over. Who would have predicted the two goals from Spurs so late in the match?
  • I can’t remember the last time I saw fans at a Premiership crowd erupt as much as they did after Carlos Tevez scored to make it 2-0. The West Ham fans, especially in the Bobby Moore Stand, looked like a hornet’s nest as huge numbers of fans bounced up and down wildly. No prawn sandwich munchers there.
  • I’ve mentioned Gabriele Marcotti’s recent comments about American investors and how they might prefer a closed-door league with no promotion or relegation in the future. This West Ham match was a perfect example of why relegation and promotion from the Championship needs to remain the way it is. West Ham, and their fans, are fighting for survival. If they’re guaranteed a spot in the league each year, you take the fun and suspense out of the league.
  • Fox Soccer Channel better hold on to that Sunday 11am ET timeslot for Premiership matches. Time after time this season (especially in the past few months), that timeslot has shown some incredible matches from England. Overall, it’s been far more exciting than the Saturday 7:45am ET kickoff this season (despite the entertaining Liverpool against Man United match from this past Saturday).

Have we seen the best match of the season, or will we see a match that surpasses this one between now and the end of the season?


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