Kop Shop USA Debuts for Liverpool Fans Stateside

The Champions Soccer Radio Network is continuing to grow. In addition to The 2 G’s, The Arsenal Hour and Divers and Cheats, the latest show is Kop Shop USA, which is a one hour program focused on Liverpool FC.

Hosted by Fox Soccer Channel’s Nick Webster and Keith Costigan, the debut episode was released a couple of weeks ago and featured an exclusive interview with Liverpool legend (and now Sky Sports analyst) Phil Thompson.

Webster’s voice is great for radio, and the rapport between him and Irishman Costigan is perfect. While Costigan waxes on about how wonderful Liverpool is, Webster balances the equation by offering more of a reality check.

The show also features trivia questions, a debate about the latest developments at Liverpool, a little bit of gossip thrown in and audio from match commentaries and interviews provided exclusively by Liverpool’s official web site.

Overall the show is a must-listen for Liverpool fans in the States. My only criticism is that the show could be tighter if it was 30 minutes instead of 60. Other than that, the future looks bright for Koppites everywhere.

Kop Shop USA is available for download as a podcast on iTunes. For more information, visit The 2 G’s message boards.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Liverpool FC fan, listen to EPL Talk’s interview with Ronnie Whelan here.

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