Results from EPL Talk Email Newsletter Survey

The results are in from the EPL Talk Email Newsletter survey, where we asked your opinions about the e-newsletter and what we can do to improve. Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll be picking one lucky survey respondent’s name out of the hat and will announce the winner of a World Soccer Shop T-shirt in Friday morning’s edition of the newsletter.So, here are what the results of the survey told us:It’s good to know that 93% of you feel that the email newsletter is better than average, and that’s a good sign. Although it may not seem like much work to some, each issue takes two hours or more of research, so it’s reassuring to know that the newsletter is being well-received.Up until the past few weeks, the e-newsletter was always sent on Friday mornings. What I found, though, was that I was getting quite a few ‘out of office’ messages as many of you would take a Friday off for a long weekend or for business trips. But I’ll return to sending it on Friday mornings. As one of you replied in the open-ended part of the survey, you “look forward to [the newsletter] in [your] e-mail every Friday morning. A sign that the weekend is here.”So here are the nuts and bolts of the answers, which gives me valuable insight into what sections of the e-newsletter are working better than others. Looking at the results, the sections you enjoy the most are (in order): (1) the TV guide listings of all of the matches involving Premiership clubs (in the league and in European competitions), (2) the headline story (which is usually breaking news), (3) the preview of the next EPL Talk Podcast, and so on. Interestingly, the section that scored the most votes for being average is the most popular section of the newsletter for click-thru’s (i.e. more of you click the ‘Best of The Blogs’ section than any other section of the e-newsletter).What the results do tell me is that the content in some of the areas can be improved, which is important for me to know. More about that later.One hundred percent of you didn’t think the e-newsletter was too long! Instead, 62% of you felt the length was “just right,” while 38% of you thought it was “too short.”What it tells me is that many of you wouldn’t mind it being just a little bit longer, so I’ll see what I can do about that in future issues by adding a couple of new sections or adding more detail to the already existing sections. For example, one of the comments I received from the open-ended questions was: “A little more detail in news and match pre-views.” It’s a deal.Here are my responses to some of the other suggestions in the open-ended answers:“What’s the one major thing that the newsletter can change now to improve?” — One person replied “Have a guide for matches which can be heard on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.” That’s a terrific idea, and something I’ll add starting this week or next. Someone else recommended “listings of games on tv in Japan.” I’d love to, but if I do that, then I’ll need to start listing TV guides for the other foreign subscribers such as Canada, Australia, the UK, etc, and there isn’t room for that.Another reader replied “Make it easier to print the topics. It is sometimes easier to print out your columns for later perusal.” Let me look into that. Someone else suggested “Simplify the three columns down to two.” That’s something I plan on doing in the future when I undergo a redesign, but I need to get some additional advertising dollars in (and/or donations) to afford to do that.Another reader suggested “I liked the best of the web, with the different websites featured.” I thought that would be a section that everyone would like to, since there isn’t much news about that on the web, but very few of the readers ever clicked on those links when I had them in the newsletter, so I decided to pull that section out.“What suggestions do you have of how to promote the newsletter so more readers can subscribe to it?” — One reader suggested “Create banners which people can post on MySpace accounts.” That’s an excellent idea, and something that came up also when we did a survey several months ago about the EPL Talk Buzz Army. When I can afford to redesign the e-newsletter, I’ll have a graphic designer create some buttons and banners at that time. Unless there’s a web designer or graphic designer out there who wants to volunteer his or her time?“Any other suggestions or comments about the newsletter?” — Lastly, one reader suggested that the email newsletter is “Too US centric.” That’s a worthy point, but only 5% of the readers are outside the U.S., and 81% of those foreign readers are Canadian.Thanks again everyone for your valuable input. If there are any points you want to address, feel free to email me at thegaffer(at) or click on the ‘Comments’ link below.If you haven’t subscribed to the free EPL Talk Email Newsletter yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today here.


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