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Liverpool Rock The World With 2-1 Win Against Barcelona

liverpool barcelona Liverpool Rock The World With 2 1 Win Against BarcelonaIf American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr. know anything about soccer, they’ll be grinning from ear to ear tonight after Liverpool’s historic 2-1 victory against Barcelona at the Nou Camp.

The win creates a whole host of riveting topics to debate: Is Rafa Benitez a better manager than Jose Mourinho based on Chelsea’s exit to Barcelona last year? How does Liverpool excel in the Champions League but continues to underwhelm in the Premier League? Is La Liga really the best league in the world? And while England’s national team slides from mediocrity to continual embarassment, will England’s club teams rule the Champions League and hence the world?

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet, though. Barcelona is the type of side that could grab a win against Liverpool in the return leg at Anfield. But what a match that’ll be. If you thought the noise at the Nou Camp was deafening, just wait until you hear the Kop roar on Tuesday, March 6.

For Barcelona to advance to the next round of the Champions League, they’ll need to defeat Liverpool at Anfield by a score of 2-0 or better. Hence the intricacies of away goals and how crucial it was for Liverpool to get TWO goals at the Nou Camp. Even if Barca beats Liverpool 1-0, the Reds would still advance on the away goals rule.

Liverpool was fortunate to play a woeful Barcelona side with Valdes and Marquez making crucial mistakes that led to the goals. That said, Liverpool was deserving of the win with a gritty display and Benitez, once again, getting his tactics correct in the Champions League. If Benitez can overcome Rijkaard in the second leg, can Liverpool go all the way to Athens for the final?

Note: It was a rare treat to hear Martin Tyler and Andy Gray commentating the match that was broadcasted on Setanta Sports. ESPN Classic, meanwhile, had Adrian Healey and Seamus Malin commentating; another quality set of commentators.

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9 Responses to Liverpool Rock The World With 2-1 Win Against Barcelona

  1. Yee Piao says:

    Well, the result really rocked me. I thought of a Barca 100% win. I think it’s just a lucky day for Liverpool. They are always lucky in the Champions League and I don’t know why…

    I really do hope Barcelona will play to their best in Anfield…

    Yee Piao, blogger of Simple Life of YP

  2. tyler says:

    That was a valiant effort from Liverpool, although Barca played like Rubbish. It looks like we are seeing which team is more affected by the internal drama.

  3. blessing says:

    It was not luck.It’s sheer brilliance. Liverpool played like Dr.Dre producing a beat! The game was far more enjoyable then them other matches.
    I honestly think Messi should switch teams coz Barca players don’t seem to know how to play with him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “They are always lucky in the Champions League and I don’t know why…”

    You don’t win it 5 times by luck.

  5. Elisa says:

    I am sick of tired of people saying that Liverpool gets lucky in the CL. Give me a break and face facts. Liverpool knows how to play in the CL.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rafa was a master tactitian last night. He schooled Riikard. L’pool created half of their chances by long balls being played at the far post, where Barca didn’t have a single defender marking. That is not a coincidence!
    The risk of including the new fullback in the line up and moving Riise to midfield paid off.
    With the exception of 10-15 minutes after Barca’s goal, when there was a risk that Barca would run amoc and score 1 or 2 more, Liverpool seemed to be in control and knew what they were doing.
    Barca’s individual mistakes: not my problem, talk to Valdes and Rafa Marquez about it. Barca’s defense was fragile even last year when they won it all.
    Game is not over, but it will be very difficult for Barca to score 2 clean goals at Anfield. Football is a funny game, though-an early goal by Barca can mess up Pool’s composure. And with Barca’s offensive threat, you never know where it will come from: Messi and Saviola were quite unlucky not to score last night, and Deco could have and should have added another.
    L’pool’s weaknesses: Reina on crosses; he is an amazing shotstopper, but on crosses, he seems to misjudge the ball 50% of the time. W/ Sissoko back, I was disappointed to see Gerrard on the outside mid. He is the heart of the team: play him center-mid, give him a free pass to create and roam everywhere. If Sissoko hones his touch after he gets the ball from the opposition, he could become the best defensive midfielder in the Premiership.
    Finnan: underrated player: how many Pool goals have come off his crosses over the last several years. Carra : whatever you say of him, it won’t be enough. Several crucial tackles yesterday.
    And the whole Bellamy thing put the cherry on the cake yesterday-talk about irony and fate.
    Koyt: not pretty, but he was involved in both goals, and he works his socks off, game after game…
    anyways, the second leg in two weeks should be one to remember!

  7. twd3lr says:

    Barca’s La Liga form simply bubbled over into this match. That was evident by the amount of bickering and whinging they did after every call that went against them. Get on with playing the game the way it was meant to be played and they will win the return game. I doubt it happens, though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Barca is always looked upon as a convertible Mercedes Benz.Let me assure you all that Barca is a Starlet without ETO’O Samuel.

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