Premier League Redesigning Web Site

The Premier League has announced that they’re redesigning their web site. Incredibly, the current design of the site hasn’t changed since December, 2004. In fact, the design from September, 2002 looks remarkably similar.

For a corporation that’s bringing in $4.5 billion in TV revenue over the next three years, the current state of their web site is definitely way behind the times. One of the few redeeming factors is their Fantasy League section.

The Premier League is currently accepting requests from reputable companies to receive a request for proposal (RFP). They’re seeking firms that can handle the design, content and technology (and later hosting).

Based on the Premier League’s timeline for the RFP, it appears likely that the target date for the launch of the redesigned site will be to coincide with the 2007/2008 season, which begins in August.

At this stage, hopefully the Premier League has a grand vision for what the site will become. With web 2.0 technology and the popularity of video over broadband, it’ll be interesting to see how cutting edge the site becomes.

What features would you like to see on the new

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