Fans United

Several months ago, I highlighted a new show that GolTV was adding to its programming entitled “Fans United.” And even though I’ve been watching the episodes since it began, I only now got a chance to write about it.

Bottom line: If you haven’t watched it yet and you have GolTV, set your Tivo player to record it now!

Fans United is a refreshing look at the die-hard fans that follow their favorite football clubs around Europe. During the past weeks, episodes have focused on fanzine editors at clubs such as Stockport County and Millwall, an English journalist living in Lisbon and how he follows Sporting Lisbon and Benfica, a focus on an Englishman living in Spain with his family and how he watches his local La Liga side, and much more.

The next episode is on tonight at 7:30pm ET on GolTV.

2 thoughts on “Fans United”

  1. I’m also a big fan of the show…its great at presenting things from all sides, typically having a representative from a big club, a small club, and a foreign club. The episode on derbies was probably my favorite so far.

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