The History of Football is Alive and Well Online

I had two fascinating interviews during the past 12 hours with Peter Lupson, author of the new book entitled “Thank God For Football” — and Andy Sloan, author of a book named “23 Sweet FA’s.” Both are incredible stories in their own way, and both interviews will appear on Sunday’s episode of the EPL Talk Podcast.

But the reason I mention the interviews is because I want to illustrate the power of the Internet. To me, it’s incredible how many stories I’ve been reading recently on the message boards and web sites about football fans recounting their memories of how football used to be and what the differences are between then and today’s game.
It’s a common thread in many of the EPL Talk Podcast episodes. And the answers to the questions have been particularly poignant.
For football supporters, being able to talk and write about their footballing memories is carthatic in many ways. And, I’m sure, it’s the first opportunity for many of these fans to share their views in a public forum. Previously it would have been at a local pub with an audience of one or a few. Now thousands of people are listening.
I also believe it’s one of the reasons why the topic of Hillsborough has been brought to light again several times during the past 12 months. People are still mourning the fans who died (and rightfully so), but people are able to gather online now (much easier than before) and protest the BBC, The Sun and Kelvin MacKenzie.
Keep an eye out for this Sunday’s EPL Talk Podcast where we feature the interviews with Lupson and Sloan. I think you’ll be impressed at the stories they have to tell.

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