Simply The Best: Manchester United's 2006-07 Side

Manchester United is playing together so well as a team right now that they appear unstoppable. If they keep on playing like this, the FA Cup and Champions League trophies must surely be within their grasp.

Take Man United’s performance yesterday against Tottenham as an example. The side is playing so well together as a team right now that I don’t see any weaknesses in the side. Even the players on the bench (Solskjaer, Saha and Heinze) have that same hunger and killer instinct that the rest of the team possesses.

And at the end of the day, the football they’re playing is attractive and entertaining to watch. Compare that to Chelsea’s sensational season last year despite the Blues playing a boring brand of football.

Looking at Man United’s squad, what a revelation Vidic and Evra have been this season. While they both had a shaky start last season, both have improved considerably with Vidic being a surprise as an attacking threat up front. His goal against Spurs showed so much focus and determination as he ran on to the corner and headed the ball into the back of the net.

Evra, too, has been sensational especially when he pushes deep down the left wing with his explosive runs from defense. Who would have thought a defender could have so much pace and dribbling skills?

You have to wonder if this is the best well-rounded Man United team (with a focus on the word ‘team’) in years. Sure, United has had their Beckhams and Cantona’s in the past, but this side has eleven great players with a self-belief and determination that will continue to crush opposing clubs.

Let’s hope that more Premiership sides follow Manchester United’s example and realize that an awe-inspiring 4-4-2 attack can produce better results and bigger gates than the conservative and anti-football 4-5-1.

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