Results from EPL Talk Podcast Survey

Last week, EPL Talk asked you, the listeners of the EPL Talk Podcast, to complete a survey so we can learn more about your listening habits and to determine how to improve the podcast.

In EPL Talk’s belief in full disclosure, here are the uncensored results:

83% of you ranked the EPL Talk Podcast better than average — between “Above Average” and “Excellent,” which is good to know that the content is hitting the mark.

The vast majority of you emphatically agree that Sunday night/Monday morning is the best time of the week for the podcast.

89% of you rate the caliber of guests as above average, with 33% rating it as excellent. In 2007, EPL Talk has stepped up its level of interviewees focusing on more high-profile ones than last year. While that doesn’t guarantee a better interview, the number of people downloading the podcast has significantly increased so the word is slowly getting around.

It also appears that the length of time for the podcast (typically 50 minutes) works for most of the listeners.

Many of you responded to the open-ended questions about how to improve the show, so we’ll be incorporating those suggestions into the show such as explaining a little bit more about who the interviewee guest is for those who don’t know, trying to get a voicemail set up to allow listeners to leave feedback, comments or questions — and focusing more on other teams than the top four (which I try to do on the blogs, but I’m guilty of not doing so on the podcast).

Thanks everyone for participating. We’ll be doing more surveys like this in the future to improve your overall experience on the site. In the meantime, stay tuned to tonight’s podcast to learn if you’re one of the two winners from the EPL Talk Podcast survey where you can win EPL Talk prizes such as T-shirts, video games, and other footie items.


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