Arsenal and Liverpool Gives Premiership A Much Needed Shot in the Arm

Sunday’s win by Arsenal over Manchester United was the best thing that could have happened to the Premiership. You can hear it in the podosphere and read it in the blogs and message forums. People are actually getting really excited about the Premier League all of a sudden.While there have been several highlights during the season, I can count the number of classic matches on one hand. Even though Arsenal’s match on Sunday wasn’t a classic, it definitely made me — for the first time in weeks — jump out of my seat near the climatic end (and no, I’m not an Arsenal fan nor am I a Man United hater).Sure, right now, the Premiership title is Man United’s to lose. But speak to any Arsenal or Liverpool fan, and you’ll hear their excitement in the voice. Many of them believe they have a fighting chance of challenging for the top two positions.


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