Chelsea's Premiership Title Dream Hangs In The Balance

Well folks, we now have a four horse race instead of a two horse race. After Liverpool and Arsenal both upset Chelsea and Manchester United respectively, the Premiership title race has gotten a lot more interesting all of a sudden.Looking ahead at the fixtures for the four clubs for the remainder of the season, a lot of the fate of teams hangs in the balance of Liverpool.On March 3rd, Liverpool plays at home against arch-rival Manchester United. Just a few days later, Liverpool then takes on Barcelona at home in the Champions League. Then, on March 31st, Liverpool plays at home versus Arsenal. If Pool was to win at home against Man United and Arsenal, this would put Liverpool in an interesting position near the top of the league (depending on the results from the other clubs).Other than Man United’s away match versus Liverpool on March 3rd, Man United has to worry about their March 7th home tie against Lille in the Champions League. Other than that, there’s the issue of the match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on April 14. If either Chelsea or Man United qualify for the FA Cup semi-final, then the Chelsea-Man U match will likely be rescheduled for May 8th or 9th — just days before the Premiership season is scheduled to close.That would be good news for Man United, but terrible news for Chelsea. Just a few days prior to a May 8th or 9th clash against Manchester United, Chelsea plays at the Emirates versus Arsenal. Two crucial clashes in just days could be too much for Mourinho’s side.The other important point to mention is that the second leg of the Champions League semi-final is scheduled for May 2nd. If Chelsea makes it that far in the tournament and has to play the rescheduled match against Man United in the league, it means Chelsea would have to play three of their biggest matches of the season in just one week (May 2nd through May 9th).With Man United’s current six point lead over Chelsea (and really, it’s closer to seven points due to United’s superior goal difference as astutely pointed out by Kevin McCarra), it’s still doubtful that Sir Alex Ferguson’s side will drop significant points to allow Chelsea to catch up. United’s match against Liverpool on March 3rd could be a real test. If United win that one, they’ve only got the major match against Chelsea to worry about on May 8th or 9th.Based on the above research, it looks more likely that Man United will win the league this season, which is ironic because the press in December kept on repeating the same concerns about Man United’s schedule while overlooking Chelsea’s fixtures.Of course, we haven’t even mentioned the “civil war” at Chelsea, which is undoubtedly a significant distraction for Jose Mourinho at the worst time possible.If Chelsea progress in the FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League, will they have enough to make a run for the Premiership title? If they don’t, what do you think the chances are of a Liverpool or Arsenal overtaking Chelsea into the second place spot? Share your feedback via the ‘comments’ link below.


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