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  • Bruce Arena and Eric Wynalda in the same booth? This should be a real doosie……
  • I didn’t understand ESPN 2’s profile on Jimmy Conrad. It was totally incomplete. Okay it was a teaser but didn’t appear that way.
  • Rob Stone calling these games make them seem like the inconsiquental friendlies that they are.
  • The choice of Jimmy Conrad as captain is a statement by Bob Bradley. He is not just going to anoit the best player as captain.
  • I like seeing Ricardo Clark and Jon Bornstein getting the start. Bradley wants to see what they have.
  • Oh great, Alan Hopkins returns. ESPN just never learns do they?
  • Eddie Johnson starts. What exactly has he done in the last 12 months to earn a start with the National Team?
  • Donovan takes on two guys! Whoa what a difference a meaningless friendly makes for his confidence.
  • Donovan draws a foul and a free kick with the ball at his feet! Must be the home cooking, because he never does this outside LA.
  • Nate Jaqua gets in the air and had a Brian McBride look to him!
  • Bornstein’s development will be critical as we have to stop using midfielders in the left back position. Eddie Lewis, John O’Brien and Bobby Convey do not belong on the back line
  • We are getting beaten all over the pitch. We can’t seem to keep possession or string together multiple good passes in a row.
  • Denmark looks to be organized and have a lot of quality on the pitch thus far in minute 19.
  • Donovan and Eddie Johnson are looking dangerous together.
  • Albright is looking good coming forward but he better be careful not to get beat deep.
  • Wyanlda is already down on Donovan! We’ve only played 32 minutes.
  • I am surprised considering the superior quality Denmark had that it took 36 minutes for them to get a shot on goal. Of course they made it count and we are now down 1-0.
  • Ricardo Clark does well and draws a pk!
  • Donovan took a lot of time over that PK and struck it poorly but luckily the keeper botched up what should have been a routine save. 1-1.
  • Alexi Lalas is so smug and totally unqualified to run a professional sports franchise.
  • Donovan and Johnson both are looking winded and totally useless. Maybe Bradley should let some of the kids step in and get some experience and sit both of them!
  • Cooper and Namoff coming on.
  • Wow. Denmark just misses on a great chance.
  • Heath Pearce comes on for Chris Rolfe. Pearce knows this Danish team better than any other US player, as he plays his club football in Denmark.
  • Kenny Cooper gets behind the defensive line and finishes nicely. 3-1.
  • Kyle Beckerman had a nice opportunity that he sailed over the goal.
  • Good win for the USA 3-1. Not much you can take from this game other than that it was a win. Feb 7th in Glendale against Mexico will tell us more, as will the back to back friendlies during the FIFA sanctioned week in late March.

51 thoughts on “USA- Denmark Live Blog”

  1. Hey I am glad so many of you found us considering I didn’t advertise a live blog, but I had said we wanted to do one for every USA game.

  2. Rolfe is pushing up. Jaqua out of the lineup. Mapp comes in. All these mediocre MLS players better not be the base of our national team into the future.

  3. Sams, you are so full of s#$%!

    do you have any idea how many danish players are playing today in other european leagues that did not make the trip? you are such a close minded idiot.

    what the hell do you watch and read? talking points from garber and mls office every day?

  4. Bradley better be named the full coach after this performance! Look at what you can accomplish with MLS players. The selfish, club oriented players in Europe have ruined our national team.

  5. Interesting that even Arena called Donovan out – scoring penalty kicks in meaningless friendlies is not the measure of a world class player.

    Bradley’s starting formation was a disaster. Donovan needs a set position – forward. Please don’t be confused by him wearing #10 – he’s not!

    Denmark had something like 16 players who have never been capped and most play in Denmark. So let’s say that an MLS All-Atar team can beat a Danish League All-Star team.

    New coach and still no Freddy Adu.

    Kenny Copper is a BEAST!

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