This Weekend Marks the 80th Anniversary of Football Commentary

To mark the 80 year anniversary of the first football commentary, BBC Five Live Sports Extra this weekend will be conducting the commentary in the style of 1927 instead of 2007.They’ll be using four commentators. Former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson will comment on Arsenal. Musician and singer David Gray will focus on Manchester United. John Murray will be the main commentator.But the fourth, and most interesting, commentator will be James Alexander Gordon, who’s famous for reading the football results on the BBC. Gordon will be telling the listeners what grid number the ball is in.The grid numbers was a very old form of allowing the listeners at home to picture which part of the field the ball was in.To read more about this fascinating commentary, read the article from the BBC here.Updated: Listen to a radio documentary about the history of football radio commentary from Alan Green and the BBC.

3 thoughts on “This Weekend Marks the 80th Anniversary of Football Commentary”

  1. Err…the 80th year…but don’t let facts get in the way of your headline. The recent post about Chelsea v. Liverpool leaves much to be desired. Lack of goals…+19 in the league…Chelsea with wingers…most fans know that Chelsea wingers are used to keep the bench warm. Please try a bit harder to get simple things right on your site…the readers are the ones who suffer.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for catching that mistake. I’ve now corrected it so it says the 80th year instead of 100th. My apologies.

    As for the criticism about Liverpool, the team has consistently underperformed this season in the league matches that have mattered the most: versus Manchester United (away), Arsenal (away), and Chelsea (away).

    In those three matches, Liverpool has scored zero goals and let in six.

    The Gaffer

  3. I guess we should note to be heard only in the UK. I’m a guy who will turn down the tv and listen to the radio. One day soon hopefully we can all join in.

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