Preview of Liverpool v Chelsea Clash

If you remember back to the last time Chelsea played Liverpool, the goal that separated the two sides was a wonderful twist and volley by Didier Drogba back on September 17th. Liverpool dominated most of the first half and hit the crossbar, but their finishing wasn’t clinical in front of goal.In some ways, not much has changed since that match. Chelsea’s form is still way below par of what they achieved last year. Liverpool is still suffering from the same problems of not scoring when it matters.But for Saturday’s early kickoff (which you can join in on during the 7:45am ET EPL Talk Chat), this match means much more than earlier in the season. A loss for Chelsea combined with a Man United win at the Emirates could write off Chelsea’s chances of winning the Premiership title three years in a row. A loss for Liverpool and a win by Arsenal against Man United would push the Reds down into fourth place and would give Arsenal the confidence to solidify their third spot over Liverpool.The key for Liverpool this Saturday will depend on whether Jermaine Pennant will play on the right wing. And if he does, whether he can stretch Chelsea’s width opening up spaces near the middle to allow Dirk Kuyt, Craig Bellamy or Peter Crouch more room to score. If you remember from the Chelsea against Liverpool match at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season, the Blues had a very difficult time closing down Pennant who was a constant threat during the first half.Speaking of Liverpool, I don’t always agree with Rafa Benitez’s team selection and formation when the Reds play Chelsea. In previous matches, he’s resorted to a 4-5-1 formation which stifles Chelsea’s midfield but allows for few attacking options for Liverpool. I feel Liverpool would be better off playing a 4-4-2 and playing more adventurous against a Chelsea side which is feeling pretty vulnerable right now.Chelsea could put this match out of Liverpool’s reach within the first 30 minutes if they select the right formation and players. I’d prefer to see Chelsea storming out of the gates and playing the type of football they’re most dangerous at — attacking with venom and using the wings to open up defenses.With Drogba as centre forward, Arjen Robben on the left wing and Shaun Wright-Philips on the right, this will allow Chelsea to pull apart the Liverpool defense which has looked particularly weak in matches against Arsenal and Everton (earlier in the season). Chelsea knows it must win this match to have a chance to lift the trophy this season. A more conservative formation of 4-5-1, which they’ve been playing for much of the season, could self-destruct against a Liverpool side.Prediction: Liverpool 0 – 2 Chelsea

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  1. This article is so slanted and selective. Firstly, the auther fails to mention that Liverpool have conceeded a grand total of 3 goals at Anfield! Secondly, the team put out for the recent Arsenal matches were Cup matches involving a host of reserves – including Dudek, an out of sorts and favour goalkeeper. Thirdly, you pulled up a game played back in Aug/Sept last year as an example of Liverpool’s defficiency in defence (Everton) and one that was a ‘derby’ played away from the impregnable Anfield. The author fails to acknowledge that Liverpool have collected 21 points from a possible 24 with a run of victories that shows a jump from a -1 goals difference to a +19 GD. So much for suffering from a lack of goal scoring, and having conceeded a solitary goal in the last 10 or so league games.

    What a joke of an article and a score to boot. 0-2 to Chelsea eh? This will be a Liverpool win at a canter.

  2. I agree with everything Naveed said. Furthermore, if you are a Chelsea supporter your knowledge of your own team is pathetic. If not, then your knowledge of football is pathetic.

    When have Chelsea played with two wingers this year? Hardly ever. They have played a 4-3-3 system for most games. With the midfield playing narrrow and using the full-backs to provide any width.

    I cant believe i wasted my time reading this.

  3. A better question would have been, will Benetez play the three strikers at the same time again? Will that cause a defensive Pool midfield problem or not?

  4. I must have missed something cause the scouser’s comments dont seem to reflect the article i read.

    It takes huge balls to crow about conceding 1 goal at home when your team just let in 9 in the last 2 cup games. This big balled scouser shouts it were reserves yada yada yada, and what this big balled homer didnt mention was that they were playing teenagers, hahahahahahaha

  5. ‘When have Chelsea played with two wingers this year? Hardly ever. They have played a 4-3-3 system for most games. With the midfield playing narrrow and using the full-backs to provide any width.’

    For someone who pretends to know so much, this quote speaks for itself.

    Anyway…I don’t think SWP starts, because he never does. Liverpool should just put Gerrard behind the strikers. But, Benitez will probably go 4-5-1 which could be Liverpool’s death sentence.

    And if the author wants to have the opinion that Chelsea are going to win, that’s biased? Some of you act like you’re 12 years old.

  6. Good call, Gaffer!
    You picked the right score. But for the wrong team!
    I guess United are champions this year, even if they lose tomorrow. Chelsea are absolutely horrible. Their creativity this year is at negative 5. I don’t think had a meaningul opportunity to score today.
    Still, well done Liverpool! This was Pennant’s best game in the red jersey. Very solid Aurelio. Surprisingly, the Koyt-Crouchie partnership worked well.

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