Preview of Arsenal v Manchester United Clash

Without a doubt, this weekend’s matches between the top four are mouthwatering. Sure, big clashes like Liverpool against Chelsea, and Arsenal versus Manchester United usually don’t live up to expectations, but with so much to play for, I have a feeling that this weekend will be different.Arsenal couldn’t have picked a better time to be playing Man United. Other than their recent 0-1 loss to Sheffield United on December 30, the last time Arsenal lost a match was November 29 when they failed miserably against Fulham 1-2. But since that Fulham match, the Gunners have scored 30 goals and let in 11 during 12 matches in all competitions.But, more importantly, Arsenal is playing sublime football at this time.So too is Man United who had one of their best matches of the season against Aston Villa at the weekend as they passed the ball around the park beautifully with Gary Neville getting more involved than lately with his fantastic curving crosses into the box.I believe Man United will go into this match with a gameplan of winning it, which could ultimately be their downfall. United knows that if Chelsea overcomes Liverpool at Anfield and Arsenal beats Man U, the gap at the top would be narrowed to just 3 points. A draw for United would give Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad a little more comfort, but a win for United at the Emirates would be a dashing blow for Chelsea psychologically — no matter the result at Anfield.On the pitch, this should be a scintilating match to watch. Both teams play attractive, flowing football and – without a doubt – are two of the most entertaining sides to watch in England, if not all of Europe, right now.This will be a match where Paul Scholes will need to have a match of the season to quell Arsenal’s attacks and to shut down the midfield runs and passes by Arsenal that are often started by Fabregas. Up front for United, Rooney will need to improve, while Henrik Larsson should be able to cause Arsenal’s left back Gael Clichy plenty of problems.In the match, let’s see if Thierry Henry can shrug off the accusations of him being a flat-track bully and produce a quality goal against quality opposition. Van Persie is on fire right now, so Patrice Evra will have quite a job on his hands.My prediction: Arsenal 2-2 Manchester UnitedThe preview of the Chelsea vs Liverpool match will be posted tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Preview of Arsenal v Manchester United Clash”

  1. Without Gilberto, I don’t see how Arsenal can control the midfield. I believe he was the rock who enabled them to hang in the game until the goal the last time the two played.

  2. Arsenal have a far superior midfield even without Gilberto. Flamini works his socks off and is brilliant in defense. Uniteds defense will have no answer if Cesc, Rosicky and Hleb have a good day. I am predicting an Arsenal win and a Pool v Chelski draw.

    One thing. This thing about Henry dissapearing in the big games is a load of rubbish. His second highest tally against teams is United. Also Check his assists against the top 5 in the league. The highest out of all strikers in the Prem. Also, how many players in the prem have played a top Italian team in Italy and scored a hat-trick? How many players in the Prem have gone to Spain and scored a brilliant winner against Real Madrid?

  3. this game is a 1:1 tie. maybe arsenal can pull a close win, but i doubt it.
    the pool-chelsea game is the more unpredictable one, considering the shaky form of both teams at the moment- it really could go either way. still: 1:0 liverpool.

  4. Yeah, the Henry rumours are…interesting. I won’t say any more.

    I’m just curious though how a preview of ManU v. Arsenal gets accomplished without mentioning C. Ronaldo? Is there a better player in the world right now? It’s debatable but what’s not debatable is that he’s in that conversation, front and center.

    It may not come down to Ronaldo v. Henry, for the obvious reason that it doesn’t have to, but that is what transforms this game from a massive to the piece de resistance so far this season, especially given both teams’ form lately.

    Interesting, too, how ManU went from skim to no depth at forward to a truly fearsome array of choices at CF. Saha, Larsson, Solsjkaer, Rooney. Nice. For me it’s Saha and Larsson, with Ole Gunnar coming on late. Rooney needs so much improvement to capitalize on the talent God gave him that he really is 4th in that group, for me.

    Absolutely scintillating matchup.

    ManU 3-2


  5. Looks like Van Persie’s going to be out too.

    I’m predicting a ManU win, 2-1. Then again, I’m a bit biased. Either way, should be an amazing match!

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