Setanta Sports Unveils New Company Logo

Many of you may think that new logos aren’t a big deal. But when you watch as much football on TV as you and I do, we want to make sure that the image that’s burned on our retina is a decent one!So today Setanta Sports unveiled their new logo (pictured right). It’s drastically different than their previous incarnation (see here).What does the new logo say to me? My first impression was that the colors are almost identical to Fox Soccer Channel’s logo (see here). While I’m positive this isn’t intentional, they could have picked colors to differentiate themselves from the competition.The logo, to me, also communicates technology and youth. The font used reminds me of video games and a brand new dawn for the company. It also hints at a strong technology play with broadband. All of these things combined creates a feeling of youth.What are your thoughts and do you care?

5 thoughts on “Setanta Sports Unveils New Company Logo”

  1. This has NOTHING to do with Fox Soccer Channel, I can assure you. The new logo is part of an $8 million rebranding campaign by Dublin-based Setanta, which has far bigger fish to fry (i. e. Sky Sports) than some third-rate U.S. youth soccer channel.

    I’m not a big fan of the logo itself. The yellow block distracts from the picture. But I do think the new advertisements and graphics look pretty smart, from what little I saw this morning.

  2. It looks like a construction zone sign to me. Reminds me of all those “under construction” signs you’d see all over the web in the 90’s.

  3. The logo itself is nothing too special to me. Not a bad combination, but the lettering is a little weird to me.

    WITH everything else included however (the new ads and breaker graphics), I like it. The channel seems to have a much less third-rate feel now, which was what annoyed me about Setanta before. As an overall revamp, I think it comes out pretty good.

  4. Compared to other logos, it is nothing special and could have been better, but as said already, this had nothing to do with the US but the UK market and if you compaire the new logo to the Sky Sports or the Eurosport logo, it is very distinctive which I guess is the whole point of it’s design.

    The On-screen logo or DOG’s for Setanta Sports 1 & 2 have been simplified to Setanta 1 & 2 which is an improvement on their old logo which seemed a bit large and large or any DOG’s aren’t very popular over here and do receive many complaints from viewers.

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