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If you’re looking for live commentary of Manchester United v Aston Villa on the internet, go here. The third-round FA Cup match kicks off at 9am ET. The audio is courtesy of Eat Sleep Sport (thanks for the tip BCjohn).EPL Talk has published the U.S. TV listings for matches involving Premiership sides (i.e. the EPL and Champions League) for now through April. The only place to find this exhaustive list is on the Forums at the EPL Talk Community site. It only takes a couple of minutes to register and you’re in.We’re proud to announce that the next scheduled EPL Talk Podcast interview will be with Henry Winter, the esteemed football journalist from The Daily Telegraph newspaper. If there are any questions you’d like for me to ask him, just post them here (by clicking the ‘Comments’ link below).In the meantime, stay tuned to the EPL Talk Podcast on Sunday night (January 7) when we feature an interview with Premiership football commentator Steve Banyard.EPL Talk T-shirts are now available for $14.95 (free shipping for U.S.). If you’re interested in purchasing one to support EPL Talk, visit the EPL Talk Store today.

3 thoughts on “Latest News From EPL Talk”

  1. Questions for Henry Winter:

    Which Stadium do you most looking forward to attending when handed a match assignment ? (Both domestic & Foreign)

    Which game of football have you witnessed in all the years of covering football do you consider to be the most momentous and why ?
    (Istanbul, May 2005)

    Baz, New York

  2. Thanks for the questions Baz. I’ll definitely ask one or more of them and will mention your name.

    Anyone else have any questions they’d like to ask?

    The Gaffer

  3. Gaffer, ask him why he bothers writing those wishy washy pieces of waffle in Four Four Two Magazine? Totally different standard from what he produces in his regular articles in the Torygraph.


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