An Interview with The Telegraph's Patrick Barclay

Earlier this morning, EPL Talk released its first podcast episode of 2007 featuring an interview with The Sunday Telegraph’s Patrick Barclay.The experienced football correspondent is often a guest on the BBC Sportsweek radio show with Garry Richardson. Plus Barclay is regularly featured on Sky Sports (view clip).In case you missed it, Barclay published two very interesting articles at the tail end of 2006. The first, “Rich Get Richer As The Game Rots,” discusses the amount of greed in the game and in society and how football sounds more like big business than ever before. The second article (entitled “Issues Facing The Game As 2006 Ends“) is self-explanatory, but offers critique and ideas about the game that are refreshingly insightful.Be sure to listen to the podcast episode and read the above articles. They’re all required reading/listening.Coming up on EPL Talk Blog during the next five days:

  • The Gaffer recounts his visit to Liverpool’s Anfield stadium
  • Article about the English Premier League theme song or anthem
  • What the Ewood Park experience is like for Blackburn supporters
  • A look at ticket prices in the Premiership

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