Loss of John Terry Is Premiership Fans' Gain

Manchester United moved to six points ahead of second place Chelsea today when the Blues drew 2-2 against Fulham in the west London derby.

Mourinho’s defensive woes continue in what has been the most inconsistent form from Chelsea since the Portugese manager took over the club a few years ago. With Manchester United winning 3-2 against Reading at Old Trafford, the Red Devils now find themselves edging further from Chelsea.

While the rain poured down at Stamford Bridge and throughout England, the level of football on display today seems to be improving. It’s unfortunate for Chelsea fans but good news for neutral Premiership fans that having John Terry injured has made Chelsea matches more entertaining to watch.

Chelsea’s strategy of late is to score more goals than they let in. They almost tied 2-2 against Wigan (if it wasn’t for Robben’s last minute goal to make it 3-2). They tied against Reading, and now have tied against Fulham. These are matches which Chelsea would have cruised through in the past.

So far today, the three matches shown on television have been a great advertisement for the Premier League. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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