The 10 Most Boring Sides In The Premiership

Who for you are the top 10 most boring sides in the Premiership this season?

The competition for the top 10 spots is tougher now than in quite some time. Here are my top 10 most boring sides:

1. Manchester City
2. Watford
3. Charlton Athletic
4. Fulham
5. Middlesbrough
6. Blackburn Rovers
7. West Ham United
8. Sheffield United
9. Bolton Wanderers
10. Chelsea

Stuart Pearce’s side is as boring at home as they are away scoring very few goals. Trabelski’s cracker against United this past Saturday was one of the very few highlights of City’s season. The only two other moments involving City that brought a smile to my face were their demolition of Fulham at the Blue Camp and the last minute equalizer against Everton at Goodison Park earlier this season.

In previous years, you could always depend on Manchester City to be entertaining. Sometimes they were entertaining for all of the wrong reasons (blowing a comfortable lead with comical defensive errors). The spark has left the City of Manchester, and it’s been replaced with a less imaginative display on the pitch. Thanks to Soccer Shout’s handy-dandy email newsletter, it tells us that City are minus three points against where they were last season after playing the same number of matches.

Bolton, while yet boring, have been known to get the pulse racing this season with some emphatic wins (most recently the 4-0 thrashing of West Ham United).

Chelsea, despite their millions, seem to be content this season to win matches with a 1-0 scoreline rather than pull teams apart. They seem to be saving their energy a little bit more for those Champions League matches. So while the system is working, it doesn’t raise the boredom factor (the Arsenal 1-1 tie and 1-3 loss to Spurs being noteable exceptions).

Let us know who your top ten most boring Premiership sides are this season by clicking the ‘comments’ link below.


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