Is the Premiership Race Over for Jose Mourinho?


In the five Premiership matches shown on live TV in the U.S. on Saturday, an incredible 20 goals were scored — averaging four goals per match. Who said the EPL was boring?

Of course, the Chelsea versus Arsenal match was a classic. While Essien’s goal was spectacular, don’t underestimate Flamini’s goal. If you watch the replay of the build-up, Flamini was involved early in the setup. Watch the highlights and keep an eye on how Flamini does a one-two and gets into an open space to have a crack on goal.

The question now is whether the Premiership race is over. If Chelsea can win their game in hand against Newcastle this week, they’ll have played the same number of matches as United but will be five points behind. Can they catch up? Click the ‘comments’ link below and let us know your thoughts.


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