Is the Premiership Race Over for Jose Mourinho?


In the five Premiership matches shown on live TV in the U.S. on Saturday, an incredible 20 goals were scored — averaging four goals per match. Who said the EPL was boring?

Of course, the Chelsea versus Arsenal match was a classic. While Essien’s goal was spectacular, don’t underestimate Flamini’s goal. If you watch the replay of the build-up, Flamini was involved early in the setup. Watch the highlights and keep an eye on how Flamini does a one-two and gets into an open space to have a crack on goal.

The question now is whether the Premiership race is over. If Chelsea can win their game in hand against Newcastle this week, they’ll have played the same number of matches as United but will be five points behind. Can they catch up? Click the ‘comments’ link below and let us know your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Is the Premiership Race Over for Jose Mourinho?”

  1. The race is not over-not even close. United are away to Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham in the spring. Those are 4 potential losses.
    As for the game yesterday-a classic. Games like that make the EPL the most entertaining and exciting league to watch(in terms of quality, Primera is still number 1). In fact, over the last three weeks, there have been several top notch encounters. After a boring start to the season, things are getting interesting!

  2. That was an amazing London Darby on Sunday! If you missed it you missed the best EPL match in the past two seasons.

    I certainly think Cheslea is within striking distance. 5 points back (assuming a win over Newcastle) with a a game against Man U still to go? Hopefully we’ll have a close race all season.

  3. agreed that the Chelsea-Arsenal game was a classic, but I could have done without the absolute laughable dives of Drogba and Lehman –

    I really wish there was a way for the EPL to go back and fine players for this. It really does make the game look silly. I think the referee got it right by not ejecting one or the other, but in my opinion they both should have gotten tossed for the worst looking flops of the EPL season.

  4. The race is 2 horse and if Chelsea lose 4-0 this week to Newcastle its still not over. Daft suggestion to think otherwise. CHelsea have the ability to win 15 in a row with their millions. Arsenal and Liverpool do not as much as I wish they could.

  5. As much a Man Utd fan as I am, United seems having trouble keeping clean sheets when playing away from home, even when faced with inferior oppositions.

    This may very well haunt them when their attacking prowess see a mid-season drop and the team end up needing to grind out 0-1 wins to sustain the lead.

  6. C’mon YOU BULES! We’ve proved that we are the best, but are playing against everyone.. all the teams, opposition fans, and refs…. I’m pretty sure Graybum Poll owns some Man U shirts…

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