Man Utd & Chelsea Reportedly Battle Each Other With Online Video Games

After Cristiano Ronaldo scored Man United’s third goal in the Manchester derby today, you may have noticed that he got into a pose with Rio Ferdinand and pretended to hold rocket launchers. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either.

So why the pose? Well, according to The Sun newspaper, the pose is a tribute to the video game SOCOM US Navy Seals.

What’s more interesting however is that Chelsea stars supposedly play the game against United players online. Read the story at The Sun here.

Frank Lampard and John Terry have supposedly played the game.

2 thoughts on “Man Utd & Chelsea Reportedly Battle Each Other With Online Video Games”

  1. LOL Nice. I always wondered what that celebration was all about. Interesting that they play against each other in the game. I can only imagine the trash talk that goes on and probably even the chatter during the matches Chelsea play against United.

  2. I thought this story was funny. We sort of elevate these guys into these mythical figures, when in reality they are just normal 20-something year olds. Well…20 something year olds making 100,000 quid a week.

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