ESPN & ABC to Televise Euro 2008 Matches in US

Excellent news for football fans in America. The Associated Press is reporting that ESPN and ABC have won the TV rights to Euro 2008 and will be broadcasting each game live.

Read the article in Forbes Magazine here.

While the thought of having ABC and ESPN crucify the matches through their idiotic commentary and studio analysis, I have to admire the network’s decision to show all 31 matches of the tournament.

ESPN’s advantage is that they can show matches on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN Classic. The hope is that ESPN will be able to show all 31 matches live, although that decision hasn’t been made as of yet.

Let’s hope that ESPN makes the right decision and selects the best broadcast team available for the 2008 tournament. That means no Dave O’Brien and Marcelo Balboa.

If you were ESPN, what commentators and color commentators would you choose?

6 thoughts on “ESPN & ABC to Televise Euro 2008 Matches in US”

  1. Great news. Another sign of the surge in public support for the game.

    However, I think American announcers need to grow along American players and fans. So while we have issues with some of the people behind the microphones, remember that they are growing along with the rest of us. The more they can practice the better for the sport and all of us who care about it.

  2. Anybody BUT Balboa/O’Brien. These guys are footballing retards!
    The Shamus guy who is the commentator for the 5 pm ESPN Classic Champions League games is not bad. Derek Rae is tolerable. Tommy Smith has an annoying voice, but he is quite entertaining.
    Come on-there must be 3-4 good journalists in this country who will not force the audience to turn down the volume while watching football.

  3. ESPN International was the business unit of ESPN that did the Euro 2008 TV contract for both the U.S. and Latin America.

    The production of Euro 2008 for U.S. consumption will be handled by ESPN International’s production team.

    That means the ESPN Australia/ESPN New Zealand soccer announcers that we in the U.S. hear when we watch the UEFA Champions League on ESPN2 and ESPN Classic, i.e. Derek Rae, Tommy Smyth, Adrian Healey, Seamus Malin, Janucz Mihallic, etc. will be in the mix if they are still employed by ESPN by 2008.

  4. Oliver Tse, if you are correct (source?) this is great news. We won’t be tortured by baseball commentators on Euro’08! And we get to watch the torunament for free, instead of paying $200 on p-p-v.

  5. They had HD for the World Cup, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t have it again for Euro 2008. Particularly, if they are sending announcers out there. And you know what that means more


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