ITVN Adds GolTV: Wise Decision or Not?

ITVN announced this morning that they’ve agreed a deal with GolTV to provide the bilingual soccer network to subscribers.

The cost will be $9.95 per month, which also includes a music video network, radio stations and more.

Personally I don’t see the wisdom in doing the deal with GolTV. Most cable companies provide GolTV, and if you have Fox Soccer Channel, you probably have GolTV on your cable box. Setanta Sports, meanwhile, is not available on most cable networks throughout the U.S., so unless you have DirecTV, ITVN is your best alternate solution.

For GolTV, it’s a win because it means they’ll have access to more subscribers than before. But how many more I wonder…

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12 thoughts on “ITVN Adds GolTV: Wise Decision or Not?”

  1. Assuming that GolTV is paying them and not the other way around, why would it be bad to offer customers more options? The obvious next step would be to package Setanta and GolTV together in a single subscription package.

    Will GolTV drive as many subs as Setanta alone? Surely not, for the reasons you stated, but will the combintation of the two drive more subs that Setanta alone? Probably.

    Seems like a win for their customers.

  2. My cable company has FSC, but not Setanta or GolTV. As someone who already subscribes to Setanta through ITVN, I’ll definitely consider it, since my cable company is in no hurry to add GolTV.

  3. I have to say that I don’t get GolTV, even though my cable system supposedly carries it. For that reason, I would consider adding it on to my Setanta subscription.

    At the same time, quite a few people do have this already. This isn’t so much to bring in new subscriptions as to become more ingrained in the current subscribers I would guess.

  4. I get GolTV and FSC via cable, and Setanta thru ITVN. I hardly ever watch GolTV since getting Setanta, as there’s just too much Footie to watch on Setanta!

  5. I definitely will add this to my ITVN Setanta Package. If you are in the U.S. why not take advantage of Promo Code 101096 for free shipping :-)

  6. Seems like a strange addition considering how many cable providers already carry GolTV but since there are markets that don’t have GolTV I don’t mind at all. However, I would be much more excited if Setanta XTra was added to ITVN…

  7. ITVN should have added Setanta Xtra by now to complete their EPL coverage. Personally I rarely see any games on GolTV that interest me. ITVN have not introduced it as a standalone package, or as an extra to Setanta; you have to subscribe to a rag-bag of entertainment channels which please very few people.

  8. It’s very disappointing that ITVN hasn’t added Setanta Xtra by now, I agree.

    They have the capability of doing so, but I’m not sure what’s stopping them. It could be that they’re trying to figure out how to pay for it (it would cost them extra to broadcast it from Setanta).

    The Gaffer

  9. How is the quality of the picture on ITVN ? I am desperate for Setanta but my cable company won’t pick it up. ITVN seems like a good option but I want to make sure it will come in with a good picture on the bigger TV’s.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  10. Anonymous,

    If you have a broadband internet connection speed, the picture quality isn’t bad.

    I believe ITVN offers a 30 day money back guarantee so even if you order it and aren’t satisfied, you can return it.

    If you do decide to order, please order via

    The Gaffer

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