3 Ways to Improve the Premiership Starting Today

There are lots of developments happening around the Premiership in the last 24 hours. Liverpool are in the midst of a takeover. Meanwhile, Manchester City and Watford score zero goals to make the Premiership’s record of the lowest scoring league in Europe even worse.

So what can be done to fix the problem in the Premiership this season regarding the lack of goals? And what about the lack of really close end-to-end matches with goals a-plenty? How many 3-2, 4-3 or 3-3 matches do you remember this season?

Seriously, is there anything that can be done because the lack of goals and having a detrimental effect on attendances (when combined with the exorbitant ticket prices)?

Here are a few of my ideas:

1) Bring back the terraces. Allow football grounds to have small sections of terracing so fans can get more boisterous and passionate, which should translate into players pushing harder to get a goal for the die-hard fans. The pricing for terraced tickets would be heavily discounted to allow the middle to lower class to afford to watch their team.

2) Abolish goal difference. Instead of using goal difference to determine what teams are on top if the points are the same, a club’s position (if tied with one or more other team for points) should be based on the number of goals they’ve scored. This will encourage teams to push forward and score more goals instead of clubs holding on to 1-0 or 2-0 wins.

3) Make it more competitive. Just 10 points separate first place and fourteenth place in the Coca Cola Championship League. In comparison, a huge twenty five points separate first from fourteenth place in the Premiership. In order to make the Premiership more competitive, each of the 20 teams needs to have a chance to win the league when the season begins. This means that salary caps need to be instituted as well as a cap on the number of foreigners who can play for each team.

These are just three ways to improve the Premiership. What ideas do you have? Post them here by clicking the ‘comments’ link below.


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