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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s good to be back in America. One of the things I’ve missed is staying on top of the news via the Internet, which gives football fans such as you and me a unique advantage in staying on top of what’s going on.Here are some interesting articles from today’s world wide web:

  • Put the kettle on. The energy generated by Wayne Rooney as he runs around the pitch is enough to boil 16 cups of tea. 
  • Moment of truth. According to Arsene Wenger, the next 12 days are pivotal for Arsenal. After their match against Fulham today, they play Spurs (home), Porto (away) and Chelsea (away).
  • Free candy for newbie soccer fans. During the past few weeks, Fox Soccer Channel has been offered as a free 3-day preview for cable subscribers across America. Charter Communication customers in Louisiana are part of the latest trial. Let’s hope that Saturday’s Boro v Man United match will be sufficient to win them over.

By the way, now that I’ve returned to EPL Talk headquarters, expect to see the blog updated on a daily basis.

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