Tour of Premiership Grounds Is In The News

On the eve of my flight to England, my ‘to-do’ list is longer than Newcastle United’s injury list, but rather than bore you with all of the details about packing my bags, here are some of the exciting news, developments and plugs to read about:

EPL Talk was interviewed last night by the always charming Rod Sharpe on BBC Radio Five Live’s Up All Night program. I discussed this weekend’s Premiership tour, stumbled a bit when he asked me about what the hot topics were but recovered by talking about some of the highlights of the trip. To listen to this interview and others, scroll down the ‘About Us’ page to the ‘In The Media’ section.

In other news, I’ve written an article for the BBC Lancashire web site about my trip to Ewood Park and why I chose to watch Blackburn Rovers instead of another Premiership club. As soon as the article goes live on their site, I’ll let you know here.

On Saturday, I’m scheduled to be one of the guests on the live radio show, Inside Soccer. I’ll be on air at 6pm ET (live from Liverpool) with host Brian Halliday. I’ll be discussing EPL Talk’s tour of England, my experiences at Goodison Park for the Everton against Bolton match and will talk about other football-related topics. You can listen to the Inside Soccer show live this and every Saturday starting at 2pm ET. Plus you can access the show’s archives to hear fascinating interviews with a wealth of football stars and experts.

Feel free to call in this Saturday at 6pm ET and ask your questions live on air. It’s a toll-free call at 866-613-1612.

Thanks to The 2 G’s for plugging the upcoming tour. Hosted by Graham Bell and Gary Richards, the show continues to get better and better. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, listen to the steaming audio from the homepage (every weekday from Noon ET) or download their weekday podcast from iTunes.

Next Friday, November 24th from 1-2pm ET, I’m scheduled to be interviewed about Reading on BBC Radio Berkshire for their football phone-in show. The following day I’ll be making the trek to London to watch Fulham at home against Reading FC.

There are several other interviews that may be happening, so as soon as they’re confirmed, I’ll let you know.

Thanks also need to go to the following sites and podcasts for plugging the EPL Talk tour: Oh You Beauty, Soccer Shout and A Game of Two Halves.

The Oh You Beauty Blog is always an interesting read. Written by a Liverpool fan, the blog is pleasing to the eye while the content always seems to be a refreshing twist on the game we enjoy.

Soccer Shout is your daily podcast bringing you the latest news on British and European football. Phil and Tony from the show have recently released a weekly e-mail newsletter entitled The Guide, which gives you insight into the form of the Premiership sides, who’s injured and much more. For a sample issue and to learn more about The Guide, check out this press release.

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