Quality of Premiership Slipping on Saturdays?

Is it me or has the quality of live Premiership football matches on TV this past Saturday been extremely substandard?

This past Saturday we were subjected to the horror that was Manchester City (remember when they were a fun team to watch?) against Newcastle United, but we also had to sit through Everton against Aston Villa (the Toffees were absolutely awful in front of goal)?

Chelsea against Watford saw the Blues strolling to victory after horrible defensive errors from Watford left a back door open for Drogba and Shevchenko.

The Blackburn versus Manchester United match, meanwhile, didn’t live up to its promises partly due to Rovers doing a good job shutting down the Red Devil’s midfield thus preventing Man United from scoring more.

I haven’t had an opportunity to watch the highlights of the other matches yet, but Setanta and Fox Soccer Channel probably wished they had shown Sheffield United v Bolton (2-2) and Wigan v Charlton (3-2). Sure, goals aren’t everything, but both of those matches sounded exciting.

Thank goodness the past two Sundays have been more entertaining (with fewer matches on live TV in America) than Saturdays.

If you’ve been reading the comments on this blog recently, you’ll notice that Fox Soccer Channel has been receiving quite a bit of criticism for several different reasons. But, on a good note, here are some of the matches to look forward to watching on FSC in the coming weeks:

Sunday, November 26, 11am ET:
Manchester United v Chelsea

Sunday, December 10, 11am ET:
Chelsea v Arsenal


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