Are TV Habits of Fox Soccer Channel Viewers Changing?

When you think about it, this season’s Premiership is the most televised football league in the U.S. since TV was invented.

But this season is intriguing for TV soccer junkies like myself because we’re able to watch English Premier League matches on both Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports. The question is, though, how has the choice of these two channels affected your TV soccer viewing habits?

For me, this season is the first I’ve had Setanta Sports. Previously, I watched Fox Soccer Channel on a near daily basis. Now, though, this has changed considerably.

While I used to watch FSC for a few hours a night, I find myself only watching it on weekends. Sure, I tape the sports news program, Through The Night from SkySports, each evening (and try to watch it later via DVR). And when I have time, I try to watch the excellent Fox Sports World Report. But for the most part, I’m watching Premiership matches on Fox on Saturday, Sunday and, when available, Monday.

In contrast, I find myself watching Setanta almost daily now. In the past two weeks, with the League Cup, plus English teams involved in the UEFA Cup and Champions League, I’m watching Setanta every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday. Sure, the experience of watching Setanta is new to me (although I realize it’s not new to many of you), so it’s more appealing in some ways, but what quality soccer content is offered on weekdays by Fox?

During the first few weeks of Fox Football Fone-In, I found myself watching the show and being impressed by the production quality and soccer topics being discussed. However, after the third week and thereafter, I’ve found the show to be so repetitive when you compare it to World Soccer Daily. The topics seemed recycled and many of the viewpoints offered have been heard previously on the radio show.

When it comes down to it, you have to wonder how Setanta has had an effect on the number of viewers Fox Soccer Channel has during weekdays.

How has your viewing habits changed (or not) since the Premiership season started in August? Click the ‘comments’ link below and share your insight.


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