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Premiership: Four Horse Title Race Narrowed to Two

264018 MEDIUMSQUARE Premiership: Four Horse Title Race Narrowed to TwoIt’s amazing what two matches can do to impact the Premiership race. Tottenham’s convincing win against Chelsea means that Man United are now three points ahead at the top of the league. West Ham’s win against Arsenal, meanwhile, puts the Gunners 10 points behind Manchester United. As I mention on today’s EPL Talk Podcast interview, the four horse race is now narrowed to two.Chelsea has a perfect opportunity to catch up with Man United in less than three weeks when the Blues visit Old Trafford for what promises to be a scintillating match. The timing for Man United couldn’t be more perfect with the Red Devils playing a quality style of attacking football, while Chelsea continues to underwhelm us in the Premiership and impress us in the Champions League.The question for you is, who do you think can win the Premiership title now? Does Man United have what it takes or can Chelsea turn their season around and catch up with United? Or is there a third team that can sneek up behind the top two and cause a serious run for the title?Post your reply by clicking the ‘Comments’ link below.

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7 Responses to Premiership: Four Horse Title Race Narrowed to Two

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Liverpool will sneak up behind them. Soon. =)
    But speculation aside, Man Utd is really showing their prowess and as things stand now – no one can dispute that they are the real contenders for the Trophy.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I kinda agree. Do NOT write off Arsenal and Liverpool(they play each other next weekend, I think). Man Utd and Chelsea are not powerhouses-they will drop plenty of points this season and the new EPL Champion’s points total in May will be much less than what we’ve seen in recent years.
    This will make for a very exciting season, even though I agree that the quality hasn’t necessarily been that great. But, then, again, English teams have dominated CL and UEFA Cup so far!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m almost touched by the belief that Liverpool can still sneak up and win the Premiership. It’s not going to happen. Your analyis, Gaffer, is quite correct – looked at with any objectivity, only United and Chelsea can win it now. Arsenal are continuing to falter, whilst Liverpool look defensively brittle. A routine win against a Reading team that are starting to show their limitations didn’t really prove very much. Still, it is more interesting than it has been for a few years, which is something.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ‘Twas touching, the belief.
    That you’ll never walk alone.

    For many moons we have not smote the contenders;
    Yet for many moons we believed.
    For each goal scored it did our hearts wonders;
    It’s still a dream we want to see lived.


  5. ricadoe says:

    It’s either manchester or chelsea. Sorry but I don’t think liverpool can stand a chance. Maybe arsenal can challenge a bit but still doubtful.

    What manchester united lack of is striker and strong midfield. Their team is good right now but once injuries occur, they’ll just slip up point.

    Chelsea is very resillient. I can say it’s very hard to beat unless the opposition team is lucky. This is what happen to Tottenham.

    I’m a Man U fan and you can guess which team I’ll be rooting for.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Man Utd’s lack of strikers will hurt them if say Saha get’s injured and I doubt they will play the way they are now for all of the season.

  7. Chukka says:

    man utd is bitches, bitches, i think they full of estrogen

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