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Updated Premiership TV Listings For U.S. Viewers

Here are the most up-to-date TV listings for viewers in the U.S. who want to watch as much Premiership football as possible:Saturday, Nov. 4, 7:45am; Fulham v Everton (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 4, 10am; Man United v Portsmouth (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 4, 10am; Liverpool v Reading (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 4, 10am; Bolton v Wigan (Setanta Xtra)Saturday, Nov. 4, Noon; Newcastle v Sheffield United (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 4, 2:15pm; Charlton v Man City (Fox Soccer Channel)Sunday, Nov. 5, 8:30am; West Ham v Arsenal (Setanta)Sunday, Nov. 5, 11am; Spurs v Chelsea (Fox Soccer Channel)Monday, Nov. 6, 3pm; Aston Villa v Blackburn (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 11, 7:45am; Man City v Newcastle (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 11, 10am; Chelsea v Watford (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 11, 10am; Everton v Aston Villa (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 11, 10am; Middlesbrough v West Ham (Setanta Xtra)Saturday, Nov. 11, Noon; Blackburn v Manchester United (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 11, 2:15pm; Portsmouth v Fulham (Fox Soccer Channel)Sunday, Nov. 12, 8:30am; Reading v Spurs (Setanta)Sunday, Nov. 12, 11am; Arsenal v Liverpool (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 18, 7:45am; Man City v Fulham (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 18, 10am; Chelsea v West Ham (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 18, 10am; Sheffield United v Man United (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 18, 10am; Arsenal v Newcastle (Setanta Xtra)Saturday. Nov. 18, Noon; Middlesbrough v Liverpool (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 18, 2:15pm; Everton v Bolton (Fox Soccer Channel)Sunday, Nov. 19, 8:30am; Wigan v Aston Villa (Setanta)Sunday, Nov. 19, 11am; Blackburn v Spurs (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 25, 7:45am; Charlton v Everton (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 25, 10am; Liverpool v Man City (Setanta)Saturday, Nov. 25, 10am; Fulham v Reading (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 25, 10am; Aston Villa v Middlesbrough (Setanta Xtra)Saturday, Nov. 25, Noon; Bolton v Arsenal (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Nov. 25, 2:15pm; West Ham v Sheff Utd (Fox Soccer Channel)Sunday, Nov. 26, 8:30am; Newcastle v Portsmouth (Setanta)Sunday, Nov. 26, 11am; Manchester United v Chelsea (Fox Soccer Channel)Monday, Nov. 27, 3pm; Tottenham Hotspur v Wigan (Fox Soccer Channel)Tuesday, Nov. 28, 3pm; Watford v Sheff United (Setanta)Wednesday, Nov. 29, 3pm; Man United v Everton (Setanta)Wednesday, Nov. 29, 3pm; Bolton v Chelsea (Fox Soccer Channel)Wednesday, Nov. 29, 3pm; Liverpool v Portsmouth (Setanta Xtra)Wednesday, Nov. 29, 5pm; Fulham v Arsenal (Fox Soccer Channel) [Delayed]Saturday, Dec. 2, 7:45am; Arsenal v Spurs (Setanta)Saturday, Dec. 2, Noon; Middlesbrough v Manchester United (Fox Soccer Channel)Sunday, Dec. 3, 11am; Everton v West Ham (Fox Soccer Channel)Monday, Dec. 4, 3pm; Man City v Watford (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Dec. 9, 7:45am; Man United v Man City (Setanta)Saturday, Dec. 9, Noon; Bolton v West Ham (Fox Soccer Channel)Sunday, Dec. 10, 11am; Chelsea v Arsenal (Fox Soccer Channel)Monday, Dec. 11, 3pm; Sheffield United v Aston Villa (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Dec. 16, 7:45am; Charlton v Liverpool (Setanta)Saturday, Dec. 16, Noon; Man City v Spurs (Fox Soccer Channel)Sunday, Dec. 17, 8:30am; Everton v Chelsea (Setanta)Sunday, Dec. 17, 11am; West Ham v Manchester United (Fox Soccer Channel)Saturday, Dec. 23, 7:45am; Fulham v West Ham (Setanta)Saturday, Dec. 23, Noon; Wigan v Chelsea (Fox Soccer Channel)* All times Eastern.

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