Interview with Championship Manager Producer

The interviews with ESPN Soccernet columnist Phil Ball and BBC Sport interactive football editor Howard Nurse (pictured on left) are now live on the latest EPL Talk Podcast. The show is a little different this week as we usually only have one guest on, but the running time still ended up at approximately one hour (with no commercials).Speaking of EPL Talk Podcast guests, I’ll be interviewing Producer Dave Rutter next week of Beautiful Game Studios, the maker of the addictive Championship Manager computer game. If you can have ANY questions you’d like me to ask him, please click the ‘Comments’ link below. It’s a great opportunity for your name to be mentioned on the podcast. Plus, to ask Dave any question you have about the game.Housekeeping note: We’ve added an online tutorial to the homepage of EPL Talk, which gives you an insight into how to get the most of the web site. Even if you’re a longtime visitor to EPL Talk, you’ll learn a thing or two. View the online tour right now.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Championship Manager Producer”

  1. Slight clarification:

    They are the *NEW* maker of the addictive championship manager game. The original creaters, Sports Interactive, lost the name when they lost the license a couple of years back. SI’s latest game is titled “Football Manager 2007”. Since I haven’t tried Champ Manager since SI stopped making it, I can’t comment on whether or not it’s any good. I can tell you, however, that FM 2007 is simply awesome.

    I mean no disrespect to Beautiful Game Studios, but it’s an important distinction.

  2. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say it’s great for consumers to have competition in the market.

    My question then would be, “how hard has it been to attract the Football Manager die-hard fans that have been with SI for years?”

  3. I’m with JC…when SI and Champiionship Manager split, I went with SI and have been playing Football Manager 2006 (I didn’t get FM 2007 yet). My impression is that most people followed SI rather than CM.

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