Fox Soccer Channel: Watch Out For GolTV


GolTV announced yesterday it’s going to be more aggressive in terms of making sure that soccer fans in the United States are more aware of the 24/7 TV network.The channel (which airs La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV) is launching a nationwide advertising campaign with ads in English and Spanish. To view the English-speaking TV ad, go here.What do you think of the ad? Would it make you want to watch GolTV?

4 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel: Watch Out For GolTV”

  1. I already watch a bit of GolTV but I might watch more if they did something about the audio variations on their broadcasts. The quality is pretty poor and goes from whisper to scream anytime something happens. I would agree that FSC is towards the bottom of the available channels. Setanta is by far the better offering. If I ever have to choose between the $15 for Setanta or $12 Sports Pack with FSC and GolTV on DirecTV, I would easily choose Setanta!

  2. Presently, I watch way more on GolTV and Setanta than FSC. If GolTV’s ad campaign is successful, then hopefully FSC will realize that they will have to improve their product.

  3. I can’t wait for GOL TV and maybe even Setanta being avaliable on digital cable in the near future.
    What does FSC have to offer?
    Half the games from the EPL.
    Giving up the rights for the other half to Setanta was the worst programming decision for the network, but it was good news for football fans w/ Direct TV-it means more games and much better coverage from Setanta.
    MLS, college games, which is an impressive effort to cover the game in the States, but…
    Giving up rights for Bundesliga and French League 1 basically left the channel with covering half the games of one of the big 5 leagues in Europe. Second tier Italian games do not count in my book.
    Other quality programming being offered: Fox Football Fone-In. Fox Sports World Report, Sky Sports News, Dream Team.
    And that’s about it!
    Half the games from EPL and nothing more! FSC is on its way of becoming the third tier toilet of football channels in the United States.

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