4 thoughts on “MLS Semifinals Set”

  1. What more needs to be said?

    In my playoff preview:

    I correctly picked 3 of the 4 winners 2 weeks ago.

    I accurately identified Christian Gomez as the difference in the DC/NY series.

    I told you Houston/Chivas would be the best series followed closely by NE/CHI. The second leg of those series was very exciting.

    Even in the series I missed, I told you Joe Cannon could carry Colorado.

    Unfortunately, the post got minimal response from supposed fans of MLS here.

    Sam’s Army only shows up to bitch about something that is NOT an MLS topic.

  2. Harvey,

    That is the exact problem of the MLS.

    Why not convert and play the season concurrent with the European leagues.

    Ok, if not start the season earlier so it doesn’t run in the NFL and college season.

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