Worst Kept Secret

According to reports by the Associated Press and Bild Magazine (in Germany), Juergen Klinsman has recently discussed the head coaching position of the U.S. National Team with the president of the U.S. Soccer Federation, Sunil Gulati.

“We’ve had a couple of conversations. I’m evaluating everything that comes up,” Klinsmann said Thursday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “I’ll stay in touch with Sunil and see what it leads to. It’s a very casual and relaxed correspondence.”

“Sooner or later, I have to get back into coaching,” Klinsmann said.

Regarding the timetable on his talks with Gulati he said, “Obviously, those are discussions that will continue, and we’ll see where they lead.”

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10 Responses to Worst Kept Secret

  1. Football detective says:

    Also, Steve Nicol has officially been identified as a candidate telling Sky Sports News he would be interested if offered the position.

  2. USA2010 says:

    “Absolutely I’m interested,” Klinsmann told Friday’s New York Times.

  3. Sams Army says:

    I’d like to see Frank Yallop or Domminic Kinnear get a good look before running off and hiring a “name” international coach who may not know the players in MLS very well.

  4. hugo perez says:

    I’m sure Klinsmann knows MLS players about as well as anyone.

  5. USA2010 says:

    The New York Times identified Yallop as a candidate so he’s getting a “good look”.

  6. Harvey says:

    Gulati is too smart to hire an untested coach on the international stage like Yallop over a guy like Klinnsman. If Juergan says no, we will hire another international savvy coach. No more MLS coaches!

  7. Gregg says:

    Sam’s Army,

    You’re crazy!!

    Why do we need to look at some third-rate MLS retread of a coach?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Klinnsman= instant worldwide credibility. C’mon Sunil. do what you have to do!

  9. DC United Fan says:

    I still maintain Peter Nowak deserves a look.

  10. USA2010 says:

    The New York Times identified Nowak as a candidate so I’m sure he’s in the mix.

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