Trip Down Memory Lane: English Teams From 1984/5

For an interesting trip down memory lane, take a look at this page from the 1984/85 season where it shows the clubs from the First Division (now Premiership), Second Division (now Championship) and the top division in Scotland (as pictured on Panini stickers; read the article about Panini in EPL Talk Magazine).

It’s fascinating because it gives you a quick glimpse of the teams in the top flight in England (and the teams who are missing). Take a gander and see where Chelsea is. Bolton was in the bottom divisions. How about Newcastle and their meek ground pictured in the background (compared with Sunderland and their former Roker Park)?

Queens Park Rangers (QPR), meanwhile, chose to have their team photo taken on their training ground, which makes them look a tad amateurish. Take a look at Dundee’s rickety old roof in the background of their team photo. It looks like the roof may fall on the team at any given moment.

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