Interview with 101 Great Goals

In today’s EPL Talk Podcast, we have the pleasure of interviewing Ronaldo. Nope, not that one. Instead, it’s “Ronaldo” the 101greatgoals blogger who has achieved quite a bit of publicity from the BBC and on British television after a company hired by the Premier League warned him to remove links from his web site that pointed to Premiership goal highlights at YouTube.

The blogger shares his thoughts on what this means for football fans worldwide, what it says about how well the Premier League understands web 2.0, what’s in store for the future of the 101greatgoals site, plus much more.

Listen to the interview with Ronaldo now on this week’s Podcast, which also features an interview with Spurs and Fulham legend Alan Mullery. By the way, it’s pure coincidence that both “Ronaldo” and Mullery are Spurs fans.

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