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Everyday EPL Talk brings you insight into the Premiership, but we’re going to do one better. How? EPL Talk is making a trip to England for a ten day adventure where we’ll bring you the sights and sounds of the Premier League like you’ve never seen before.

The objective of the trip is to capture the experience of the Premiership and to reflect on how different it is than what we see on TV each week. So EPL Talk will be providing you with podcasts throughout the trip featuring the sounds before and after Premiership matches. Plus there’ll be interviews with fans on the street, the people behind the clubs and narration by me, The Gaffer, to capture the history of the grounds we’ll be visiting.

And, depending on internet connectivity, you may be able to experience the Premiership in real-time via blog reports and other surprises to be announced.

Instead of just visiting the clubs from the four horse race, EPL Talk will embark on a journey that’ll include the two finest examples of old fashioned stadiums in the English Premier League: Everton’s Goodison Park and Fulham’s Craven Cottage. We’ll also be visiting a stadium which author Simon Inglis rates as the model for the future of English football: Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

Plus, depending on time and availability, our intention is to also visit several other grounds — whether it’s for Premiership or UEFA Cup matches — or experiencing tours of the stadium when no matches are scheduled.

During the visit to the UK, EPL Talk also plans on visiting unique places in English football history. The stadiums that have long been forgotten, landmarks throughout England that are part of the history of football, a trip to Arsenal’s Highbury and more.

The Gaffer’s itinerary for the trip to England:

Saturday 18 November: Everton versus Bolton

Sunday 19 November: Blackburn versus Spurs OR Wigan versus Aston Villa

Tuesday 21 November: Arsenal versus Hamburg

Wednesday 22 November: Liverpool versus PSV Eindhoven (if I’m able to obtain a ticket)

Thursday 23 November: Newcastle versus Celta Vigo

Saturday 25 November: Fulham versus Reading

Sunday 26 November: Man United versus Chelsea (if I’m able to obtain a ticket)

Plus there’ll be plenty more surprises, so stay tuned to this blog between now and November 18 to learn more.

Note: If you have a source for a ticket to the Liverpool v PSV, or Man United v Chelsea, please contact me at thegaffer@epltalk.com.

11 thoughts on “Experience the Premiership Through EPL Talk”

  1. Sounds like a great time. Is it a vacation for you or business? I visited London over the summer during the World Cup. I hope to visit again in the next two years during the season and see a mtatch or two. In the meantime let us know what its like. Maybe a EPL Talk fan tour will be taking place in the future.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I dunno if I’d call Craven Cottage a fine example of much else than a second division ground, but I hear nice enough (for that). Still, sounds like a good time all around.

  3. Your dedication to the game is admirable, gaffer; the trip must be costing you thousands given the cost of a EPL ticket these days!

    Have an awesome time.

  4. Excellent! Everyone looks forward to your reporting and fans like myself are thankful you are moving beyond the big four to tell us about the clubs most of us supporters really care about!

  5. Way to go Chris, we all look forward to reading about your adventures! Thanks for all of your dedication, it is much appreciated.

  6. Thanks for the support. It’s purely a business trip with the aim of bringing Premiership fans a unique perspective on matches from England.

    Yes, it’s costing a fair bit of $$, so if it’s something that you believe in, please feel free to spread the word about EPL Talk on the message boards around the web and, in turn, this will help pay the bills so EPL Talk can bring you more coverage like this in the future.

    Between the Blackburn v Spurs match and Wigan v Villa, I’m leaning to Ewood Park because it’s a more historic stadium, although the free pie and the offer of a pint from Jason is very tempting!

    Lastly, am EPL Talk fan tour has crossed my mind (good minds think alike). But first things first, I plan on whetting everyone’s appetite with the audio documentaries/podcasts I’ll be releasing from the UK during my travels there (plus near daily blog posts).

    The Gaffer

  7. WOW… sounds exciting…I’m so happy for you…You’ll be busier than Forrest Gump…Run, Chris, run!!!…You will make an awesome documentary… better than Oliver Stone or Quentin Territino!!! Best Wishes…CHEERS…Say hello to mis amores Italianos over there!!!

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