Are Besiktas Fans The Loudest On Earth?

For those of you who missed Spurs’s 2-0 away victory against Besiktas in the UEFA Cup last night, consider yourself unfortunate for two reasons.

First, Tottenham put on a brave and admirable display against a solid Turkish team. Spurs looked surprisingly confident when they began the match. Throughout the match, they were patient, passed the ball around well with Huddlestone and Berbatov especially having good matches.

It was Berbatov who scored Spurs’s second scintillating goal, twisting and turning around a defender and goalkeeper before burying the ball into the net. The sensational skills from Dimitar Berbatov were reminiscent of a certain Diego Maradona.

Second, the Besiktas fans created one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced across the TV in years. From the moment the match started until after it ended, they were singing louder and more passionately than any British club. Inside the 30,000 seater at the Inonu Stadium, the fans could have been mistaken for Tottenham supporters because almost everyone inside was wearing white and black. Reason being is that the majority of the Besiktas fans wear black and white and are nicknamed the Black Eagles. The turnstiles opened four hours before the match and the fans started streaming in then. According to the commentators, the fans had gathered and started partying seven hours before the match!

If you get a chance to watch the match or even the highlights, I thoroughly recommend it. What a night for football and how amazing the Besiktas fans are.

If you live in the U.S., the Spurs match is just another reason why you need to sign up for ITVN. Their ‘On Demand’ service allows you to watch the matches that you missed. For example, when I returned home yesterday, I had the choice of watching Besiktas against Spurs, Krakow versus Blackburn and even Man United reserves against Bolton reserves. To sign up, click the banner at the top of this blog.

For an impartial review, read the just published ITVN review on Gizmodo.

13 thoughts on “Are Besiktas Fans The Loudest On Earth?”

  1. Berbatov is one of the top players in the EPL, just wait and see. Tottenham’s midfield is really weak this year, though, and that’s going to hurt their chances of at least repeating what they did last year.
    If he stays injury-free, King Berbo will score at least 15-16 goals in his first season at White Hart Lane(2 so far-one in the EPL, one in UEFA Cup).

  2. How was you able to watch it “On Demand” as according to ITVN the “On Demand” feature won’t be available until next week?

    This Sunday will be a big test for ITVN, so far ITVN haven’t done so well when it comes to the high profile games.

  3. EPL Talk was one of the first to announce the availability of the ‘On Demand’ service as far back as October 12 (see the story here.) It could be that they’re beta testing the new feature.

    I agree that this Sunday will be a big test for ITVN. But I believe this is the first huge match where we have ‘Play 1’ and ‘Play 2’ options available, so this way east coast viewers and west coast viewers will be able to select from their “local” feed.

    The Gaffer

  4. So Gaffer, is ITVN using you as a beta tester for the on-demand service? I’ve been checking everyday since you announced it, and it is still not available for me. When is everybody else going to get this feature???

  5. Jason,

    As far as I was aware, everyone had it. Your best bet is to contact their customer service line and ask them. It could be that you need to upgrade the latest build of the software, but they’ll have the definitive answer.

    The Gaffer

  6. Gaffer, I just got off the phone with ITVN, and they informed me that a very limited few have access to the On-Demand service (ITVN must really like you!) and it is still in the testing phase. They anticipate that it will be available to everybody in 2 weeks.

  7. Hmm..interesting. It works like a charm for me, and this will definitely be a fantastic addition for the ITVN customers out there.

    Thanks Jason for looking into it.

    The Gaffer

  8. hi, i am a besiktas fan and i have a season card so i go to every match.its nice to hear comments about our turkey,we are known as the loudest ,we can shout louder and louder when we sing a song 2 or 3 times.there is a philosophy,that we are in love with our team so everyone should stand up and shout.if u have chance,try to watch our matches 😉

  9. I’ve almost decided to become a Besiktas fan after yesterday. Some of the shots they showed of the crowd were incredible. It didn’t even look like they had seats and I didn’t see any red. They were dancing, jumping, waving their arms around. It was incredible. I’M NOW A BESIKTAS FAN!

    1. I agree AJ. It just goes to show how passionate football fans can be. Give me Besiktas or Stoke City supporters any day and enough of the prawn sandwich brigade!

      The good news is that we’ll see more Besiktas games on telly for the rest of the Group One matches in the Champions League.

      The Gaffer

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