Interview with John Nicholson, Football365 Columnist

This week’s EPL Talk Podcast features an interview with Football365 columnist John Nicholson (pictured right). Without a doubt, it’s one of the most interesting episodes out of the 30 we’ve done thus far.

Why? Whether it’s his column or this interview, Nicholson is as honest an interviewee as you can find. There’s no holding back with Nicholson, whether it’s his tales of traveling America in a pub band or his brutally honest thoughts about the state of the current game and the England national team.

Nicholson’s latest endeavour, a book entitled FootyRocks, is a collection of his 50 favorite “rants and dribbles” from his Football365 columns from the past six years. You can win a copy of the book, autographed by Nicholson. Just listen to the podcast interview to find out how to win it.

One thought on “Interview with John Nicholson, Football365 Columnist”

  1. Great interview…I especially appreciated Nicholson’s view of fans being alienated & discouraged from cheering at games. I’m a baseball fan and yet I hate going to my local Atlanta Braves games because if you cheer loudly or yell then you get ushered out of the stadium! Part of the reason I watch English football is because I like seeing passionate fans in great venues and I hope that owners & advertisers don’t ruin the current atmosphere like they have in American sports.

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